Let’s Chat Chia

ImageThe benefits of eating Chia seeds are endless, but here are just a few reasons why you should pick up this amazing super food packed with tons of nutrients the next time your at the market!  These tiny black or white seeds are an ancient Aztec secret to strength and endurance.  I love them because they are perfect to use in just about any recipe including baked goods, smoothies, sprinkled on top of yogurt, cereal, fruit and salads. And unlike flax seeds, there’s no need to grind them first. Enjoy them just as they are. Easy as that!

Here are a few reasons why I love chia seeds so much: 1) Chia seeds are a rich source of omega-3 fatty acids that give you the necessary nutrients foImager gorgeous hair, healthy nails, and smooth, glowing skin.  2) These seeds are one of the highest plant-based sources of protein you can find. Protein is an essential for almost every function in your body. It helps with weight loss and is a must for building lean muscle. 3) They’re a great source of fiber. This keeps you feeling full, controls hunger, and balances your appetite. 4) The coolest thing about chia seeds? They have the ability to absorb 10 times their weight in liquid, creating a unique gel that is incredibly hydrating and satisfying.

As a breakfast lover, I find ways to sneak chia seeds into my morning meals to start off the day feeling satisfied and energized.  I’m a fan of adding chia seeds to my green smoothies.  You can also throw a handful into your morning yogurt.  Check out this chia yogurt power bowl recipe to see just how to do that! Still, my favorite recipe to add chia seeds to is SELF magazine’s oat pancake recipe.  These are just a few of my favorite ways to add chia seeds to my diet. How can you get creative in the ways you chia-fy your meals?




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